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Monday, 19 February 2007

light blue

just like every day.monday..lagi. but another date. yeah baby. i got news its going to be 15/12. . at that time,from our side will dress in light blue. fuuyoo..cant wait. we stay at kl first then go back to perlis. maybe too early to tell but this is the plan. fuh! hope everything will be fine from both side. and yeah i have to work get money. otherwise who will pay my belanjawan? it money for life? bla bla..nk this la..
and i was thiking should i do surprise for him?hoho..i have to ask somebody to gang with me and surprise him..... ha dah subuh..mari kacau people kat mesia. ngeh ngeh..

*i also call nabila today..glad to hear she was fine.and for her i love u.ur my bestfriend ever.

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Zulhilmie said...

wahh.....da bgus ya english kamu... keep up da good work... huhu...dont forget to call me when u r in malaysia ok....tata