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Saturday, 28 May 2011

OMG!! its 2011 -_-

hey ho.. salam to all. wassup u guys? ok here i come in the year of 2011. cant believed after all this month i have been busy wif my self n forget u blog, IM SORRY !!! I AM ..hukhuk... *apologize accepted* but i think not from my other blogger friends. huhuh . insyallah, I will be up-2-date my blog for this semester break. the first reason y i come back here coz ...

1] i kinda dnt like facebook too much accept if i wan to talk to family,
my doormate n classmate.. tu pun 2, 3 org classmate which is close too me.
other than that i dnt really care. y?? haish coz fb banyak la sangat
muslihat kan...kan, and all the anoyying ppl. i cnt stand hohoh *emo derrr* *this is just my random thought RIGHT NOW.

* im probably change it . like u care rite. hahaha* gggrrrrrrrrrrrr...........................

i should stop from now n continue later on. tada guys.

lots of love, BEDAH =)


nabilahhuda said...

hahahahaha nice :DD

bedah said...

ahahaha i like u bell..